Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Destiny & Seth | Kansas Wedding Photographer

I was so blessed to be a part of Destiny and Seth's beautiful day.
They are such an amazing couple and I cannot even describe in words how lovely their wedding day was. Everything was perfect.
The venue.
The flowers.
The music.
And the dancing! So much dancing!
But the most perfect was the love that the bride and groom have for each other.



The flowers. Oh.my.goodness. So beautiful!

This next image has a huge piece of my heart in it. It was definitely a fairy tale moment. And I was definitely crying!

These girls. ;)

Destiny and Seth,
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful day with me.
I felt as if I was in a dream or a fairy tale because the day was so perfect! 
You two are so amazing and I wish you only the best.

Be blessed!

(Special thanks to Callie Sain from Callie Sain Photography for second shooting <3 )